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Mission FailedKill the princess +4
WarpedFind the warp zone +4
To Hell And BackComplete the first demon levels +1
Physics FunPick up the can +1
UnstoppableAcquire nineteen free lives +3
SmashingCompletely fill your smash meter +2
Rolling DeadAcquire negative sixteen free lives +1
Training CompleteComplete the space training levels +2
To Be ContinuedComplete the game +1
Loose ChangeCollect one secret coin +1
Coin CollectorCollect six secret coins +2
Coin ConnoisseurCollect eleven secret coins +4
Coin ConquerorCollect sixteen secret coins +5
Coin CompletionistCollect all twenty one secret coins +6
Good HustleComplete the game in under 40 minutes +2
Swift RollerComplete the game in under 30 minutes +3
Speed DemonComplete the game in under 20 minutes +4
Flawless Execution Complete the game in under 10 minutes +5
Want to host this game on your site or play offline? Download the SWF here. Game should be presented at 720x480.